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If you might recall, I wrote once before on the failures of sewing. They are definitely learning experiences, but they're still disappointing, especially when it's something you were really excited about. I picked up a pattern for Micah a couple months ago for rompers, because he has gotten to the size where he can't wear store-bought ones. He's very tall and thin so even things that are his size still tend to be too big in the waist. So I bought a pattern on Etsy that went up to 4T and got busy last weekend.

The pattern, courtesy of Fishstick Designs, was extremely easy to use. I modified it a bit. I was scared to death of installing snaps - yes, I know, I'm such a wimp - and I wasn't able to find the cotton ribbing they suggested to use for the hems and collar so I cut the pattern without sleeves and didn't add any ribbing. Instead, at the neck and arm holes, I used matching bias tape (something I had also never used before, but for some reason felt ok trying). I installed the snaps at the top of the shoulders on the bias tape, and HOLY COW. Without one of the snap guns I about smashed my fingers off trying to bang the snaps on with a hammer. It was an adventure!

Also, love my nail polish? Layla holographic!

I was so proud of my finished project. I could hardly wait to get it on him. And then once I did...crushing failure. Well, I suppose not THAT bad, but he won't be able to wear this until next year for sure. I made a 4T thinking it would be more comfortable, but he definitely needs a smaller size. He was SWIMMING in this one.

At least he thought it was funny.

Hopefully, I'll find more material and try this again soon!


Anonymous said...

He is so adorable and it looks great, going to be awesome for next year :)

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