Duct tape shirt

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One of the first things I pinned for my husband was this.

Source: imgfave.com via Aimee on Pinterest

Antonio tends to be kind of picky when it comes to clothes, and I know that sewing up a shirt for him would get some lukewarm excitement unless it was especially epic (and had dragons on it or something). But I figured that it was so cheap that it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. It's one of the easiest projects I've done so far, and it used up a bunch of colored duct tape I bought well over a year ago on a whim then never used.

Rather than stripes, I decided to do something off-center, in an ever expanding stripe. I came up with this hexagon design, that is slightly crooked but only makes it appeal to me more. And even better? My husband LOVED it. He wore it to his Magic the Gathering league that same day and he said he got a ton of compliments on it. He even told people I could make them one. I feel kind of special!

Try to ignore his crazy face. He's pretty much incapable of just smiling. Silly.


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