Mother's Day and other adventures

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The last few weeks have been a constange barrage of activity it seems. Mother's Day, then the Celtic Festival, and tons of sewing projects. I feel like I haven't properly relaxed in months. At least it's all been fun, or I would be one very cranky mama.

On Mother's Day, I didn't have anything special planned other than spending time with my little family. Micah has been wanting to stay with my mom and dad every single night (it's a fight of tears and screeching almost every evening when it's time to come home, and sometimes he wins), so he stayed with them the night before. I went to pick him up fairly early on Mother's Day morning and spent some time playing with him and visiting with my parents. Then this happened.

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As always, it was so sudden. He was playing with me, running around my legs in circles when his toe caught on the edge of the rug and he went down. It was an abrupt fall, but it wasn't the worst spill I've ever seen him take, so I didn't get too excited. "Oh no, did you kai?" (Kai is fall in spanish, at least according to my mom. Many spanish-speaking people look at me oddly when I saw it though, so it might be slang. Micah has used that word for falling down since he learned to talk, and I've started using it, too.)

He didn't respond, just laid there for a second, then started that awful crying where he's yelling so hard, nothing comes out. I scooped him up and noticed a rather excessive amount of blood from his lower lip. My mom started flapping her hands right away, but I just did my best to stay calm and dabbed at it with a napkin to try and see what was going on. I still don't know because he didn't let me look very close, and the blood was copious, but I think he scraped his upper against his lip and then cut the inside with his lower teeth. It puffed up like lightening and he was holding himself very still, afraid to move or touch it. My dad gave him a wet, cold washcloth and told him to hold it against his owie. That stopped the tears and he refused to move the washcloth for hours, even holding it in place when he fell asleep.

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Poor guy. I took him home and let him relax for awhile, but when I asked if he wanted to go see Little Grandma and Grandpa(my father-in-laws parents, though I'm not sure where the little part came into play), he forgot about his boo-boo instantly. He likes visiting and playing with his little cousin.

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Antonio even convinced me to drive the four-wheeler, though I was freaked the whole time. I felt like I was going super fast, but the video clip my husband took shows me going MAYBE 5 mph, hah.

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Then this last weekend we had the Celtic Festival. We go to this every year, as our best friend Emmet gets us tickets because his mom runs the British car show section. It's always fun, there's a lot of fancy cars (the boys favorite part), and it also hosts the Highland Games. We didn't see much of that this year.

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My main draw was The Wicked Tinkers. They are a fun band full of bagpipes and drums, and one particular photogenic Aussie that plays a number of different instruments. I'm pretty sure he could easily be a one-man-band with everything he does, and he was pretty easy on the eyes, too. (What?!)

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Also, an enormous Clydesdale that scared the crap out of me. Horses freak me out anyway, but this one was seriously huge. The biggest horse I have ever seen. Antonio tried to convince me to touch it, but when the horse turned and stared at me, it was over. I fled. Yes, I'm a wuss.

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Super fun month of May so far! And we have fun things planned this Memorial Day weekend, too. What are you and your family up to?