It's coming!

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Micah's birthday is in about a week. Cue panic as I realize my house is a mess, I haven't finished his birthday gift, and I have a ton of food to make. I've only known this was coming for a year, you know. Not nearly enough time!

Thankfully, his birthday playmat is nearly finished (I'll be creating a post about that hopefully in a day or two) and most of the food I'm planning is super easy. Fruit kabobs and steak/veggie kabobs, and the best part - cake pops in the shape of cupcakes. Micah has been playing with the mold for a week, very excited about his cupcake, so I'm hoping he likes the finished product, too. This is the mold. For the price I just couldn't pass it up! I'm hoping to do red velvet, but since I won't have the funds to do a test run, fingers crossed that they work out like they should.

Today, I took Micah out in a spiffy little suit for his birthday announcement photos. I opted not to do a birthday invite card this year since it will only be family coming to the party, and instead decided to just go take some really fun pictures of him all dressed up. We didn't stay long - it was super hot, the location was in full sunlight so he was squinting a bit, and we had to wake him up from his carseat to get him out. He was still in a really good mood, though, and I got some really hilarious shots.

Kissy face!

Such a sweet little smile.

Acting innocent...we all know better.

I'm two!

My absolute favorite.


Cody said...

Oh my goodness - these photos are just amazing! What a handsome little guy you have!

Aimee Lopez said...

Thank you! He's such a ham. :)

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