Can we just skip the rest of the year, please?

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My poor little blog. It started off as a way to show some of the things I made that I found on Pinterest. Instead, I get to come here once a month and talk about how sick everybody is at my house.

Poor Micah. He's had one heck of a year so far. Strep in January, a stomach bug in February, and now in March he has a crazy bad cold. Fever off and on, tons of drainage, and a yucky, loose cough. I'm sure that's just what you wanted to know about, hah. My poor little monkey sounds like a heavy smoker, his voice is nearly gone so even when he cries all that comes out is a squeak. I miss hearing him laugh normally. I can't wait until his little immune system gets beefed up and we stop with the constant illness. It has to be daycare...right?

Do you know I have a project I downloaded last September, and then bought the fabric for in December, started sewing in January, and is STILL NOT DONE? And I keep buying and planning more projects! I clearly have a problem. But I really need to get this first project done.

On another note, I started the Pinterest Challenge with the SITS girls. I'm rather excited because it's my first time joining in with them and of course, Pinterest is, of course, a huge favorite of mine. I look forward to sharing what I look and enjoying Pinterest in a new way.


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