Christmas Eve magic

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When I was a kid, I remember waking up Christmas morning to a pile of gifts under our little tree and wondering how on earth my brother could sleep in, knowing he had all kinds of packages waiting for him!

I would sit at the kitchen table, sometimes eating breakfast but usually fidgeting and wishing I could go pinch my brother out of his slumber so we could get at the presents.

(Can I just say how much I wish that was MY tree?)

And then once he finally pried himself out of bed, I would launch myself into a paper-tearing frenzy, until the floor around my feet was a mess of ribbon and bows and torn wrapping. I loved it, and I have nothing but fond memories of Christmas as a child. My parents didn't do much in the way of Santa or traditions, but they still made it special for me in the best way possible - a lot of love.

Fess up - who's wrapping the last of their gifts this Christmas Eve?

*raises hand* Guilty.

The way our paychecks fell this year (with me jobless), I had to buy the last few of my gifts today at Walmart. Thankfully it wasn't too crazy, as I was fully expecting a madhouse! But I got all the ingredients for brunch with my family tomorrow - more on that in tomorrow's post! - and two cheap men's shirts for scarves. I originally wanted to stencil on them like I did in this post, but I got crunched for time and I decided to find another Pinterest creation instead. And I found something really fun and easy, and best of all, no sewing!

I made mine into an infinity scarf while parked in front of my tv watching my recorded X-Factor finale. I also only used once shirt as opposed to three or four, but it was so easy and looks so cute that I may dig out a few old shirts this weekend and make one for me. I'll get some pictures of the finished deal tomorrow on my giftees, it's way too dark in my house right now, hah!

I hope everyone has a wonderful night, enjoy the time with your family this weekend!


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