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Last weekend I decided to finally use this really cute print tshirt fabric I bought on sale in an epic shopping spree back in November. I bought it knowing it would be cute for pajama pants for Micah, and then just kept forgetting about it. Micah is not the best audience when it comes to sewing - he wants to "help", which of course is not actually helpful.

So I finally had some free time last Monday and whipped the up using the ever-awesome tutorial from MADE.

This is not the first time I've used this tutorial. However, the last pair I made was when I was a brand-new sewer and so there were so many things about that particular pair that just didn't come out like I wanted that I am glad not to share them here! From a distance they were fine, up close, not so much.

This pair turned out FAR better. Excuse the bad photos - bedtime is after dark here.

The headband was added by Daddy, and he gave me one, too. We proceeded to act like complete nuts in our living room for the last hour before bed, and Micah was extremely receptive to photos then.

So was Daddy.

I will say that even though the pants turned out awesome, and it was a quick one hour project, there are some things I would change. The pattern I made was somehow not very long from crotch seam to elastic, so I was afraid they would sit low on his diapered butt. So I cut the one inch elastic I originally bought in half lengthwise, and that helped a ton. The length also managed to come out far too long so the cuff is about two inches deep and we still folded them for these pictures. The fabric was extremely easy to work with despite being jersey - the edges didn't roll after I cut them, which was amazing. But it was rather fragile, so when I had to cut some stitches out that edge looked all wonky and I had to cut it off. In the end, though, they came out super cute and they fit him really well, considering how long and lean he is.

And my model sure is adorable.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the paci clip! Yes, my kid still uses a paci, he is such a bad sleeper that I just can't bring myself to take it away. The last one I made him (that matched another outfit I will share another day) got cut off in a frantic panic to rush to the ER, as it was covered in baby puke. A simple tube of the same material folded over at the ends made him a new one to match his spiffy pj pants.


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wow! you have talent!!

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