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I got this idea from Baby Rabies, one of my favorite blogs.

12 things may actually be pushing it for me. I have a toddler that goes to bed between 5 and 6pm every night, but I still find myself parked on the couch instead of doing all things I wish I was able to do all day long when I'm stuck at work. So I am certainly not holding myself to this...but if I do manage it, then I am having a party!

1. Complete at least 5 of the sewing projects I bought material/notions for.
I am so bad about this. I get really excited about a project and then bring the stuff home only to forget about or put it off. SO MUCH STUFF.

2. Make dinner for my family at least 5 times.
This should be obvious, but we tend to graze in the evenings because we have such different schedules. So even if this only happens on the weekend, it needs to happen.

3. Finish my book.
This one is going to be hard. I started a novel last year during NaNoWriMo and never finished it, and have since lost my thread. I have no idea where my plotline is going at this point. But it's certainly worth trying for.

4. "Do" my face more often.
I always say I don't have time for makeup in the mornings, but I love how it looks when I do it, and I love to buy makeup...so what the heck is my excuse? I don't have one. So even if it's only mascara and lip stains, I better get off my butt. I can always do it quickly once I get to work in the morning.

5.Paint and fill my craft closet.
This is a HUGE one. I bought a $50 solid wood TV cabinet with the intentions of painting it and turning it into my craft closet. I originally wanted to put my sewing machine in it, but I think only for storage - the closet is huge but I need more space to see when I sew. Plus I don't want to be installing lights in the cabinet. My hope is that it will eventually look like this:

6.Keep my house in fairly reasonable order, even when no one is coming over.
I am totally a "company is coming!" cleaner. I really need to work on that. Right now it looks terrible because my son has strep (at not even 2 years old, what kind of luck is that?), but usually I just put away his toys and ignore the rest.

7.Print out my Micah 365 project, either in prints or an actual book.
This one should be fairly easy, thanks to Artscow.com! Lots of free photo book offers. I better get on it.

8.Blog more often, about whatever.
I wanted to keep this blog about projects I completed that I found on Pinterest. But now that I have a full time job I find that I have less time to do that (and too many hours spent surfing Pinterest for more projects, hah), so I think I will be a little more loose in my posting ideas.

9.Interact with other bloggers more, especially my favorites that I visit a lot.
I always visit the same blogs every day and wish I could be cool as them, but I rarely comment, mostly because I feel like posting, "You are so awesome!" is not terribly productive or helpful, hah. I'll try harder.

10.Lose 5 pounds.
This seems SO minimal, but I am a couch potato. I have no drive or desire to do physical things most of the time and thanks to having mono at age 5, no energy either. But my son goes 10,000 miles an hour and I really want to be able to do fun things with him without feeling I'm going to die. So 5 pounds is a big deal. And if it ends up being more than that...FABULOUS.

11.Get a shutter release control and take more photos with me in them.
As the family photographer, I find myself behind the camera so often that I rarely get any photos with myself in them. If I had a shutter release, I could change that.

12.Set up my kids bedroom.
This one is pretty ridiculous. When we moved into this house (my in-laws home while they are in Ecuador building a new church), I chose a room for Micah and we filled it with his stuff, still in boxes. And it's still like that, several months later. That particular room has a direct vent to the swamp cooler so it's FREEZING during the winter, and I've pretty much used that as an excuse to keep him from sleeping in there. We could easily seal it up but it's been nice having him in our room for just awhile longer...it's about time I let go and let him sleep in his own room. I'm sure my husband would appreciate it, too. Hah.

What do you have planned for 2012?


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