Eight DIY snowflake tutorials

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In the last two years at my desk job, someone has organized a day at the beginning of December when we get to make some kind of decoration for our cube land. When you are in a tiny box for so many hours a day, you're kind of limited when it comes to decoration. And this year, we are moving to a new building at the very end of December, so no one is really feeling the holiday magic this time around. So I decided I would look for something small, easy and pretty that I could make for each desk that no one would feel bad about tossing when we move.

Enter, paper snowflakes! I have collected a mix of the some of the best paper snowflake tutorials out there, ranging from easy enough to do with your kids to true works of art.

This is what I did last year, in a previous department. I think this year I may do it in a fun paper. So easy!

A twist on the previous snowflake, but still in the realm of possibility for kids, maybe just a little older.

A little fancier, but still do-able for kids.

I like that this one is not the typical 8-point star.

Out of toilet paper!

Using pipe cleaners. So fun, and double sided wrapping paper would be gorgeous.

For the inner nerd - Star Wars snowflakes! I'm thinking you need an Exacto blade for these. But I won't lie - I plan on trying them!

And for the truly talented - a quilled snowflake! I can't imagine how long this took.

Are you making any snowflakes this year?


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