Micah's 3rd birthday

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I still cannot believe that Micah is already three. It seems like just yesterday that he was born. He's so big, he knows so much and constantly amazes with the things that he says. It's new every day and he is the center of my universe more and more every day.

We haven't thrown him a huge party for any of his birthdays, since he is the only child in my family. So my parents, my brother and his wife, his great-grandparents (my husbands grandparents) and our best friend Brie and Emmet. This year it was pizza and salad, and the fruit kabobs I have made for a couple years now, and cupcakes.

I made his shirt the morning of his party, too. Slacker extraordinaire, I am!

I'm this many! photo 602238_10152720259955417_273045821_n.jpg

We Skyped with my aunts and grandmother, and with Antonio's parents. Micah loves Skype, and I love that the family we have that lives far away can still see him...even though he was acting silly and was so wound up he had a hard time sitting.

Opening our present from Grandma and Grandpa Tinez while skyping with Hauntie, Shirley and Memo. photo 543708_10152720260255417_654050351_n.jpg

Skyping with Grandma Belle and Grandpa Mark. photo 529086_10152720260430417_682006333_n.jpg

Uncle Emmet always buys him the toys HE would like to have (at Christmas he got a full-size light saber, for goodness sake). So his choice of remote control car this year totally won Micah over. He had it mastered in about ten minutes, too.

Oh, thanks, Uncle Emmet. It's our new favorite toy. photo 13907_10152720260650417_108346331_n.jpg

Then the party inevitably moved outside, like it does every year, because we thankfully have had nice weather. It was downright hot! 70 degrees in April is a painful reminder of how hot summer will be. But it meant we got to have a lot of fun. He was christened with the leftover confetti eggs from Easter, then he played in the water, his favorite.

Confetti eggs! photo 733900_10152720260950417_1966379864_n.jpg

Making a mess with daddy. photo 306050_10152720261180417_2112556747_n.jpg

Then since his birthday landed on a weekday, Antonio and I took the day off from work to spend with Micah doing something fun just for him. The weather is the absolute opposite of what we had over the weekend- freezing, windy and rainy - so we opted for the Museum of Natural History to go look at volcanos and dinosaurs. And he loved it! The volcano room freaked him out a bit because it's dark, and the floor is thick glass with red lights and fog under it to look like lava. I had to carry him through it until we convinced him to try touching it, and then he ran through it at top speed, haha.

 photo 45622_10152720261505417_1278079338_n.jpg

 photo 525435_10152720261605417_1571047011_n.jpg

Water floor! photo 534768_10152720261790417_1900872801_n.jpg

 photo 67531_10152720262100417_1355918903_n.jpg

 photo 383168_10152720262030417_1805061356_n.jpg

Happy birthday to my sweet little monkey, I love you!


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