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In my (rather constant) internet browsing, I came across a true gem of a website. Her posts are consistently funny, sarcastic, and witty, and I sort of wish I was her. After all, I do have the right hair for it, since she often claims she only has one strand. I feel that pain, I really do.

You can find it at Parenting - Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. All of her family members go by nicknames associated with the website name - Crappy Papa, Crappy Mama, Crappy Boy, and Crappy Baby. I cannot tell you how ridiculously fun it is to read, not least of all because of the nicknames. Her kids regularly do the most hilarious things, and she was smart enough to immortalize them in Paint. She also has a million purple dresses, of which I also approve. Purple is the color of royalty, after all. (She also has a book. You should go buy it, as I plan to do when I have more than 50 cents to my name. You can find it at many places, but Amazon is always good.)

Back in August of last year, her oldest, Crappy Boy, decided on a whim to create his own business. I really cannot tell the story the way she can, so go read it here, then come back. Don't worry, I'll wait.

Do, do, doo doo. Oh, welcome back! (Jeez, I hope you came back.)

If you were too lazy to go look, then I will give you the summarized version. Crappy Boy made greeting cards, put them in an online shop, and sold them. Rapidly, actually. He made enough to go buy a Star Wars Lego set with the worlds smallest gun. He also had a fantastic time, helping package them up and mail them out. The best part - to me, anyway - is that he would look on the map and see where his cards were being sent.

I will take this moment to tell you my son is obsessed with several things. Bowling and volcanos are high on that list. But also up there is the solar system, Earth, and especially, globes. He loves to spin it, stop on a random spot, and ask me what is there. Thankfully we have a globe at home because it occupies a decent chunk of his time. You might recall his birthday post and how excited he was about the big planets, especially the Earth one he could touch. I even bought him a little spongy Earth ball for a grand total of $3. My kid is easy to please.

Anyway, I was browsing through Crappy Pictures and came across that post. Back when she originally wrote it, Micah was seriously bent on bowling everything everywhere, and not as into the planets yet. Now that he is, and her post refreshed my memory, all I can think is that Micah would LOVE to do this. I'm thinking we probably wouldn't have to sell them (though he would be explosive with joy if we were able), but he would really like sending off some fun things all over the US. Maybe not even cards, but drawings or paintings. I can see the hot air balloons being drawn already. Maybe even some tic tac toe. We could even send stickers. The possibilities are endless, people.

Check him out getting excited about GETTING mail, and it wasn't even for him.

 photo mail-happiness_zpsa2e83d33.jpg

I haven't decided how to go about this yet. As a fun project for my three year old, I don't know what way would produce the biggest impact for him, since this blog is not exactly popular yet. But if you are interested in letting my son send you something fun, let me know by commenting here! If we drum up enough interest, I will see what way will work best for us. I will say that if we somehow end up with 80 people wanting Micah Art, I probably can't send out that much without setting up a shop for him someplace.

And just to pull your heart strings a bit, when I asked him if he wanted to send some mail to someplace far away (his point at the globe was Africa, but you know, anywhere will do), his response was, "I want to do it now!" We talked about stamps and envelopes and going to the post office and I cannot even tell you the level of excitement. This kid is bursting with it. We may have to send some things to my family just to appease him for the time being or I may never hear the end of it.


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Too cute! Getting mail is always exciting for kids, wait, its exciting for me too.. haha.
Found you through the Blog Hop! :)

Kayla @

Aimee Lopez said...

I still get excited when it isn't bills, haha. Thanks for visiting!

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