The mama diet

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Starting today, my husband and I are starting a new lifestyle. And no, it isn't the fun kind.

I have a friend that had a baby six months ago, and since then has been on the Paleo diet. Not terribly strict, either, but she lost 95 pounds. She is built very similarly to me, and is the same height as me, so I thought, "Hey, maybe that's what I need to do!" I got really gung-ho about it...until I saw the diet itself. While it isn't full of food I don't like - quite the opposite, in fact - my problem is that I live in the desert. We don't get a ton of fresh fruits and veggies year round here, though we get a decent amount in the summer if you stalk the farmer's markets. Since we are not in harvest weather yet, I had to go frozen, and it was still a really big grocery bill. Painfully big, actually, and all of it was for Micah and me - none for my husband! He's going to be the hardest to feed, for sure. He hates everything that is good for you, except chicken, and he will get rickets if I let him. He likes corn and peas but corn has a ton of carbs.

Oh, the BUTS. But it has carbs, but it has sugar, but it has FLAVOR.

Here's my issue with diets. They all, every last one, cut out the things that I love the most. And I don't eat bad as it is, but I do eat pasta, and I do eat potatoes. Not even that much, but I eat them, and they are my favorite things to eat. It's frustrating that I have to basically deny myself one of life's pleasures just to look good and be healthy. I love veggies and chicken, but I never feel like I have eaten unless there is meat and carbs. So I am constantly cranky because I am hungry! And a cranky mama = an unhappy house. So I am trying to find a balance. I am also eating a lot more often, every three hours or so, so that I won't bottom out and get that hungry feeling. Like today:

6am - Chobani raspberry yogurt (yummy, and it's actually staying with me)
9am - Snap peas, carrots (carbs, arg) and tomatoes
11:30am - Lunch (which is turkey with sweet potatoes and brown rice today)
2:30pm - Something snacky at my parents when I pick up Micah (not sure about this yet)
5:30pm - Dinner with my husband (likely grilled chicken and veggies today)

I heard about the "every three hours" trick from a body-builder friend so I know it works. Plus it keeps me happier, less cranky. I am also doing a circuit at work once an hour to keep myself awake (I tend to get sleepy) and get my heart rate up. Down the stairs on the west side of my building, across to the east side, then up the three flights back to my floor, and across to my desk. Our building is huge, so while that sounds small, it's a good place for my inner sloth to start. And it's rather embarrassing at this stage, how out of breath I get.

We all have to start somewhere! Have you made a lifestyle change recently? How's it going?


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