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If any of you have gone through the two year old phase of "I hate all food!" then you'll commiserate with this post. Micah is fully immersed in this phase right now. I have tried everything, including giving in to his random, horribly unhealthy whims. Cookies at 7am? They're calories, sure. (Please don't judge me.) Pizza for breakfast? Ok.

I've even tried bribing with food, which was suggested to me when he wouldn't eat. "If you are a good boy for this entire grocery store trip, then you can pick something you want out." It usually ended up being Oreos or blueberries. One is bad, one is good, but if he eats the entire container of blueberries in one sitting (when he's in the mood to even eat them by the time we get home), then his poor tummy freaks out and it isn't worth it.

It's sad, and it's probably all my fault because I used to be happy and tell people he would eat literally anything we gave him when he started with solids at around 6 months. That's what you get, bragger.

Anyway, I recently discovered Bento boxes, and I thought it might be a good way to get him to eat and actually like it. Fun shapes, little creatures, those animal-shaped picks. Anybody tried them out? I figured we could start small and just do veggies and fruit - stuff that will keep so I can make the whole weeks worth at one time - and then if he likes them we can go crazy and get more creative.

So of course, now I have a Pinterest board of Bento awesomeness.

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