Turkey Day

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It's been awhile now, hasn't it? I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was very low-key - we spent the morning lazing around the house, then headed to Antonio's grandparents house for the big feast. The Arizona cousins were in town and it was a full house, two tables full of people. There was also the usual Skype conversation during the meal with Antonio's parents in Ecuador, along with the usual sound problems we have with that, hah. Thank goodness for Skype on the iPhone, we have made good use of it in the last couple years since his parents left to start a new church.

Micah spent a good chunk of his time running around with his cousin Miles, who has always been his buddy no matter how long it's been since they have seen each other. Possibly the best part of being a kid is that no other children are ever strangers - they just become playmates all over again. Miles is a good 5 years or so older than Micah but it's never slowed them down. They chased each other all over the house and Miles introduced Micah to the joys of Fruit Ninja on the iPad. If you've never played it, and don't have a ton of free time, don't download it! It's addictive and a worse time-suck than Pinterest has ever been for me. Micah loves it, though he often starts poking the bombs on purpose. No stress to get a high score for this kid.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we headed to Antonio's other grandparents house to visit for his aunts birthday. We don't see this side of the family as much as we should, but we always make it a point to see them over holiday weekends. The little house was overflowing like usual, and Micah found a new playmate or two there (though one of them kept pushing him down, and even though my kid is friendly and outgoing, this confused him quite a bit ). They also had a half-grown dog and an 8 week old Pomeranian, which Micah chased all over the house and had a love-hate relationship with. He's never sure what to do with dogs, they kind of freak him out even though he really wants to play with them.

I did get this fantastic photo - it's four generations right here. Antonio's dad holding Micah, Antonio, and his grandpa. Cutest thing ever.

Sunday was a lazy day at home with poor Micah struggling with his allergies all day, parking himself on the couch with a blanket and his chongos (monkeys) instead of running around playing. It's always sad when he feels bad, but this time we visited the doctor because he just could not breath out of his nose at all. There wasn't anything they could do at his pedi, so we picked up some childrens Allegra and got a number for an ENT. Fingers crossed I can get ahold of them today and get him in fast! These allergies have lingered badly for 8 months now.

A nice family weekend in all. What did you do last weekend?


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