Summertime fun patterns

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I am both dreading and looking forward to true summertime weather. I like winter because it means I can wear many layers and be comfortable without melting. I am no tiny waif, and in the summer when I can't wear as much clothes without dying of heat stroke, it can be frustrating. I also miss my boots and it means I have to pay attention to my feet, polish and all that. As a mom to a toddler (well, two kids if you count my husband, and I usually do), I rarely have time for primping. So I've started looking for some fun things to wear this summer that meet all the most important criteria - comfy, versatile and most of all, CHEAP.

I don't quite have enough room here to post everything I found and loved for this summer. What are you planning to make this year?

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Anonymous said...

We're heading into winter in New Zealand, I'm looking forward to layering. That hopscotch skirt is so cute! Thanks for following me, have followed back. Have a great weekend :) x

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