The vacation of my dreams

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Well...almost. I admit that my ideal vacation would involve sleeping in, whereas if my toddler comes with me, that is pretty much impossible. But no way would I ever go to visit a beach like these without him! I can already see him splashing and screaming through that clear, warm water.

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My dream - to sleep in a hammock in a shady spot of a gorgeous beach. Or maybe just sleep in a hammock.

In Croatia, there is this magnificence. I didn't even know Croatia had areas like this. Learn something new every day.

Greece. I would go just to take pictures of the homes built into the cliffsides like this. Though I'd really like to do more than that!

The California Redwoods both freak me out and fascinate me. So, incredibly, LARGE.

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Yucatan. Oh, the WATER. Falling from the forest sky!

And of course...the Big Apple. Times Square at night, in particular. I have a friend that shot a long exposure of himself with a girl in the middle of the street of the square, and it is just brilliant. I would pay good money to recreate that shot.

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Where would you like to go someday?


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